Hi! I am so glad you made it here.

I can’t wait to share my travel experiences with you and share stories, tips and ideas that I have learnt along the way.

About | Read more about the story and background behind The World Travel Diary. Learn the beginnings of how the travel blog came together. About | Aim and Purpose | Stories and Background | World Travel | The World Travel Diary | TWTD | Travelling | Vacation
About | Aim and Purpose | Stories and Background | World Travel | The World Travel Diary | TWTD | Travelling | Vacation
About | Aim and Purpose | Stories and Background | World Travel | The World Travel Diary | TWTD | Travelling | Vacation

Why Travel?

I love travel. I discovered this later in my life. I had this need to have a holiday booked. When one holiday ends, start planning the next one. It gave me something to look forward to AND it was a cure for the holiday blues.

There are new things to see. New feelings to feel. New experiences to experience. I always had this feeling deep inside that there is more out there waiting to be discovered. Territories unventured and unexplored.

Travel can bring lots of surprises and I love surprises when they are good and sometimes even the bad, because they end up masking themselves as opportunities for us to discover something new or learn something about ourselves or others. The things you encounter during travelling opens your mind to other worlds and other ways of life.

It is somewhat a sense of renewal. A reset on the scales of life, bringing many things back to balance like time away from the office to de-stress, more time spent with family and friends or a change of scenery.

Why a blog?

Many people ask me if I have visited a particular country. If I had visited, then what did I do there and what tips can I share with them.

I found myself asking others similar questions when planning for holidays.

I figured with all the research I do in the lead up to a trip, I might as well put it to good use after the trip, by sharing the information I learnt along the way with a blog.

About Me

So far, I have visited 29 countries, so the next trip is going to be a big milestone. I have started by writing about my most recent trip and as time goes on I will be writing about the other trips that I have done. Of course, there will be new trips in the future, so they will be a part of the blog too.

I am a mum. Up until two years ago, we only had to think about what WE (my husband and I) wanted to do or where we wanted to go. Now we think about two additional humans – our two babies (Say what..someone other than ourselves??) and find ways to continue traveling with both of them in tow.

My focus will be for parents with children, but I hope that the rest of you find useful information too. Some of my travel posts are with my parents and sibling, some with my partner, some with my partner and kids.

I hope to enlighten you and give you ideas so you can have an itinerary ready at your fingertips to make the best of your next trip.

For a limited time, I am sharing a packing list freebie. Just fill out your details on the sign up form and it will be at your fingertips in moments. I look forward to going on this journey together with you.

Thanks for joining me.

“Leave no stone unturned”



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