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These days most of us, if we dont have to physically be at our place of employment, are doing our bit and staying at home.

We may not be able to do any travelling at the moment , so we can’t fulfill any of the items in our travel bucket list, but what about our everyday bucket list?

Do you want to be productive while you are at home?

Want to save up some dosh?

Maybe you are after some ideas for ‘me’ time or perhaps the kids are driving you up the wall with their boredom.

Maybe you just want some suggestions to help take your mind off things.

For a limited time, sign up and you will receive 80 Activities To Do While You Are At Home. There’s some in the list for the kids too!

Not only that – as one of our loyal subscribers, you will be first in line to receive updates, exclusive offers and more freebies to come.

Please, please stay safe!

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