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What are Affiliate links?

Affiliate links are tracking links provided to affiliates to include on pages to endorse products or services that we have tried, liked and recommend. When a reader clicks through the affiliate link to make a purchase, the affiliate receives a small fee. 

Why Affiliate links are used?

It is with your support that we are here today and we aim to be transparent with our readers. If you buy through the links, the small fees are used to keep the website running, at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. 

How will you know when you are clicking on an Affiliate link?

There will be an affiliate disclosure before you come across any affiliate links on the page. 

Can you choose not to purchase using the affiliate links?

Yes! you will not be manipulated into buying anything you do not wish to purchase. The products or services are recommended because I like the product and have had good experience with it. You can purchase another product or service if that makes you feel more comfortable. 


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